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the PV Fabrics Imagination Prize

At the world’s premier fabric show Première Vision Paris held in September 2018, one of our fabrics received “the Imagination Prize” of the 10th PV Awards.
The award-winning textile, chosen from our ZEN kiwami collection, is a pre-dyed check pattern that uses rayon filament yarns. The Awards recognized the unique Made in Japan monozukuri craftsmanship, leveraging the network that only STYLEM has.

Collaborated with
the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

For the first time as a fabric supplier, we have collaborated with Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Cutting-edge Filipino designers have created their collections with our fabrics.



STYLEM is focusing on sustainability.  
Textiles and raw materials approved by our ECOARCH® standard are friendly to the environment and society.  

Sustainability Initiatives


With this project, we aim to realize a lifestyle in which people feel more familiar with sustainability by recycling used textile products as a growing medium for plants.

Sustainability Initiatives


ZERO AQUA™ is a material made with a waterless dyeing technique using supercritical fluid CO². The widespread use of ZERO AQUA™ products will help conserve our most precious resource, water, and will have a very positive impact on the global environment. 


STYLEM TAKISADA-OSAKA CO., LTD. is a textile-specialized trading company.
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